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Garments & Textile Consultants Ltd, Bangladesh is a Bangladeshi company and YASAS Consultancy, Sri Lanka is our technical partner. Garments & Textile Consultants, Bangladesh are providing the most needed one stop solution and efficiency improvement services to Maximize Profit, Minimize cost, Standardization and overall Development services along with our Local and Foreign expert team by implementing the State of Art Method, Tools, Technique and Systems to solve different kinds of problem and upgrade the factory in the world-class standard to maximize profit. We are providing these service to save the factory from Operating loss as well as maximize profit by Improving Efficiency, Minimizing Cost, Developing Marketing, Smooth operation, Productivity Improvement, Quality Improvements, Automation, Modernization and Skill Developments. We do these by considering the long term and short term cost minimization, profit maximization, efficiency improvement and value-added concept by Work study, Time study, Process Study, Method study, System study, Performance study, Resource study, NPT analysis, Capacity Study & Sustainability study to find out the opportunity to improve Efficiency, Sustainability, Productivity, Quality, Performance as well as analyzing and implementing more than 52 State of Art Methods, Tools, Techniques and systems which are mostly developed & practiced by Japan, USA & Germany in different level of Production and Operation stage to achieve a world-class standard  at a very competitive price. We are providing these services by our local experts with foreign experts who have well knowledge about our local people, culture and psychology as well as has well experience to work in local factories.

  • We implement State of Art Method, Tools, Technique and Systems on a priority basis so that the factory can get maximum benefit in minimum time by considering the long term and short term cost minimization and growth concept.
  • Our Factory owners are trying to solve these problems in different ways but they are not getting proper output because of concern or responsible persons are not well educated, experienced, well trained and skilled but we solve these problems in a smart manner by our number of local and foreign experts knowledge, experience and skills. Because our experts are continuously working, analyzing, researching and implementing throughout the industry and that is our strength.
  • Our program has been designed in such a way so that our customer can achieve world-class standard as well as can provide world-class service and products to their customers. So that you can chose our service without any hesitation.
  • There are many ways as follows to minimize production cost and make operations smoother which we provide to achieve world-class standard :

Improve labor, machine , material, energy and production efficiency.

Develop Planning to minimize overtime, delay shipment and short shipment. 

Minimize different kinds of waste. 

Maximization Profit.

Marketing Support.

Develop new Buyer. 

Implement modern method and tools.

Process optimization.

System optimization. 

Minimize Wages.

Merchandising, sourcing and costing optimization.

Reduce labor, material and maintenance cost.

Improve productivity & quality.

Maximize the use of resources. 

NPT analysis and solution.

Proper work distribution.

Develop strong supply chain.

Moral & motivational training.

Skill Development by training.

CSR (Compliance) Improvement.

Implement sustainable production and management system & setup.

Standardization, Automation & Modernization support.

Minimize Labour Problem.

Improve worker participation by owning.

Improve physical and mental comfort and health of worker and employee. Implement motivational activities.

Real Time Production Tracking.

ERP solution.

Cellular manufacturing.

Certification, Audit & Assessment support.

Commercial & Export–Import Support.

Resource Utilization.

Financial Guidance.

Factory Set Up.


Investment support (Foreign).

Liability management support.

Proper maintenance.

Improve capacity utilization.

Gain on TAX & Govt. incentives.

Develop CPM & SMV based pricing.

Compliance, Fire & safety improvement support. 

Priority base investment guidance for better growth. 

Cost effective financial guidance. 

Factory set-up & re-organize services. 

Minimize financial risk. 

Sick factory rehabilitation services.

Recruitment Solution. (Local & Foreign Expert)

Other Garments & Textile related solutions.

GTCBD (Garments & Textile Consultancy)

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